Hard To Believe

We had a tragedy in America again, this time 32 people lost their lives to a madman. The prayers of a nation goes out to all of the families. What is really pissing me off about this is as early as last night, the news people were dragging out “experts” on what the school and police “should have done.”

What the hell is wrong with these people, and I mean the news organizations and the experts? A situation developed, people reacted the best they could at the time, for these nitwits to now sit and judge what people did at the time is pure bullshit! I have already heard people are saying the police chief should resign, the president of the school needs to resign, why? Because they did not lock down a 100 building 22,000 person campus?

Instead of these news organizations trying to stir up issues they should be covering what is going on now, they will have plenty of time to try and make more stories out of the original tragedy in time.

But in todays news world we all know that news organizations want to do more than just report they want to create news.


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