What Is Next

Don Imus has gone from a TV show and radio show to unemployed all in one week. While everyone agrees what he said about the Rutgers basketball team was out of line, was it something that should have cost him two jobs? Of course not.

In the past week, we have had activist grandstanding before every camera and microphone they could find. Two of the loudest voices have a very checkered past of their own and too many tried to make their past part of the story, it’s not. While they are despicable for the way they acted this week, they are not the real story.

Then we had the team itself. They made the gratuitous appearance on Oprah, they had the big news conference, where one of them said she was probably scarred for life. While I cannot say she has not been. it’s hard to believe that three words could do this.

What I see this really coming down to is that this will empower those who dislike what they currently hear on talk radio especially. It has been made clear that the Democrats are upset that they cannot get their word out into the public airwaves, that their attempt to find an audience for their views have failed over and over again. They have said they need to bring back the fairness doctrine in order to level the playing field. What has happen to Imus is only the tip of the iceberg, it could become a domino effect of people who hate the fact that conservative radio has been a huge success and they now feel their only way to copmbat the voice of conservative radio is to silence them.

That is the real story about what has happened to Don Imus.


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