What Are They Afraid Of?

You have to wonder what is wrong with the Democrats. Do they think because the avoid debates on the Fox News Channel that they are looking like anything but cowards?

First we had John Edwards running from the Congressional Black Caucus Institute and Fox News debate, now Obama has said he will not partake in the debate and this was followed by Hillary announcing she was not going to attend. With Hillary it’s all about  keeping in line with Obama, she know he is a real threat and she needs to make sure she does not allow him to one up her on anything.

But once again, why avoid Fox, are they afraid that they would have to answer real questions instead of the softballs they are use to from the main stream media outlets they are so dependent on?

Running and hiding is not the answer. All they are saying is they are unable to handle the pressure of  and of elected this is what we can expect from them. Avoid real issues and only deal with popular problems.

Sadly they are going to participate in DNC sponsored events so that means we will not get to know the candidates as the questions and answers in those debates will be preplanned and determined.

I hope real America is taking notice of how these people react to pressure.


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