100 Days

The Queen of Washington Nancy Pelosi recently told the President “Calm down with the threats.” Maybe the queen should heed her own advice, but that is doubtful.

The queen has had control for 100 days, she and the other Dems were voted in by people who were mostly doing so to voice their displeasure with the war. What they have done is show complete contempt to those who voted them in. They apparently are not brave enough to withhold funding the war because the polls say it’s not popular. Then in order to get their version of the bill passed, they pile a load of pork into the bill in order to coerce fence sitter’s into voting for their bill.

The people that have voted them in, like Kos Kiddies, Code Pink, moveon are pissed! They thought they had people in Congress they could control, what it turns out is that they were lied to by some of the best career politicians out there.

However, the queen does have a few success to point to. Remember her agenda of carefully poll-tested legislation that she said she would get passed within 100 legislative hours? She did succeed there, the House voted to raise the federal minimum wage, allow federally funded embryonic stem cell research, implement recommendations of the 9/11 commission, cut oil and gas tax breaks, allow Medicare to negotiate drug price discounts and cut student loan rates.

So while this sugar coated legislation does look good for her, she has failed to hand over what the extremist groups really want, an end to the war and impeachment of the President, two issues she cannot deliver.


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  1. “extremist groups really want and end to the war”

    –You do know the majority of Americans want an end to the war, right? How does that make them “extremist”?

  2. While we all want an end to this war, some of us want to be victorious in winning the war, not leave in defeat. There is a big difference.

    The behavior of the Democrats during a time of armed conflict/war is abominable. They talk about defunding the troops, giving a date certain for withdrawal so the enemy can plan their strategy without interference. This is paramount to treason in my opinion. A pox on their houses for betraying our military men and women.

  3. What I mean by extremist is not people who want to end the war, I am all for that, I mean people like Code Pink and moveon are far left groups whose agenda does not fit mine or for that matter the majority of America. There are extremist groups on the right that I also do not agree with.

  4. I understand notalib.

    Madmouser—what would make us victorious in Iraq?

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