Somtimes You Just Have To Wonder

I was reading the news headlines on Google the other day and saw this one Cincinnati orchestra cancels “Dukes of Hazard” concert. I was never a fan of the show when it was on but my interest was peeked, what kind of music does one play for a Dukes of Hazard concert?

Turns out that it was not really music from the show but two of the actors of the show, John Schneider and Tom Wopat would be playing with the orchestra. But then the NAACP came to the conclusion that this would be a bad idea, that somehow by having to people who played in a show 20 some years ago would be a racist move and offensive to black people? HUH!?!?!

Once again political correctness spins out of control. This time a group who supposedly fights racism not only is promoting racism but are also blacklisting two people because of their association with a show from 25 years ago. That is to put it in simple terms STUPID! Do you know what their reason for blacklisting these two guys is……. the Confederate flag was on the “General Lee” car featured in the show.

Hello NAACP, it was a TV show they did not rally own the car IT WAS A PROP! You guys are making fools out of yourselves with this one but somehow I don’t think that really matters to you.


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