Rosie Has Another Meltdown

There is a little show on ABC during the day for the ladies. It has four co-host, one who has accomplished something, two that are there to bash everyone in sight that they hate or disagree with, which is most everyone and everything and one poor soul that is there so the lead basher has an easy target.

On Tuesday out of control leftwing loon Rosie O’Donnell attacked co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck again, this time because Rosie the queen of long winded rants did not like the fact the Elisabeth was asking a question of Rory Kennedy. The queen of mean did not like the way the question was worded. It was not a attack on the president or America so she rips into Elisabeth about her right to ask questions and then Rosie asks the question the way she wanted it worded.

It’s hard to believe that there is anyone more out of control today from the Hollyweird than Rosie. She attacks the prersident every chance she gets, has nothing positive to say of America, defends terrorist and is a very angry and bitter person. The chip she carries on her shoulder is huge, and like others who have ahd that same chip, will eventually be her downfall.

The sooner the better. 


Posted on March 21, 2007, in Hollyweird, Media, The Far Left. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. Mitzi Minkler

    I challenge Rosie to come to Texas and open her big flap in front of a real woman like me. By the time I was done with her she’d be crying and sucking her thumb.

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