The Anniversary

Four years ago America went to war for reasons many thought were the right reasons. After a quick defeat of an army that could not have even defeated the French, we come to find that Saddam was full of himself, even many of his own people had believed his lies. As we start year four, to keep arguing why we went gets this country no where, we need to look at how to end it.

How did we get where we are today? First our leadership, their misjudgment of what would happen when we invaded. Yes we defeated his army, but we misjudged how the other countries in the region would react. Secondly the people of Iraq, they do not have the understanding of freedom and they don’t have the desire to defend their country from the insurgents who have invaded to disrupt their lives and kill our troops.

So what do we do? We cannot just abandon the people of Iraq, since it was our direct actions that have disrupted their lives, however we cannot keep allowing our men and women to die for those who are unable to help themselves. I believe we must give this reinforcement of the troops a chance. We need to try and stabilize the country, but we cannot expect it to go on for months or even years. By this fall if we do not see a different country that we have today, it will be time for the troops to come home. However, if there is substantial progress, that is, the Iraq police and military actually stepping up and defending the country from the insurgents, we must then continue to help but in limited numbers. We must no longer take the lead in protection, our numbers must be minimal and this country, America needs to start to heal.


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