No Stone Unturned

Wondering around the world of LP blogs I decided to look at the one run by well known USA basher, the Greek geek herself Arianna Huffington. The people who write on her blog are always worth a couple of good laughs. Besides the usual far left rants from the likes of John Murtha and Gary Hart, you also see that one of her reliable “news” sources is the ever dependable always trustworthy American trashing al Jazeera network!

It slays me how the LP’s will trash a network like FOX News that tries to show America in a positive light every chance they get but will legitimize any news source that will report and trash America every chance they get. All in the name of getting at the current administration. It is sad to see how low they will sink.


Posted on March 19, 2007, in The Far Left. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Notalib, you complain that LPs, as you call us, trash networks like Fox, then you write you Anniversary post and realize how bad the situation is brought on by your conservative administration. I don’t get it. Also don’t be so condescending to the Iraqs…they don’t understand freedom and democracy? What do you know? They are hanging in there under the some of the worse conditions human beings have ever seen…and we’re responsible!

  2. Actually Mary the situation is bad in Iraq because the people are not willing to help.

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