What Is Their Problem

They feel they are allowed to invade our country as they please, they accuse us of racism when we try to protect OUR borders but yet, they whine and cry about the dumbest actions. I am against the wall, I just think it’s a waste of money, but the more they act like this I am starting to think build it just out of spite.

Poor little Mexico has sent a diplomatic note to the United States upset that there had been an incursion into Mexican territory by U.S. Border Patrol agents in Arizona. Why did they cross into Mexico, they were trying to extinguish a fire. On Monday, Border Patrol agents stationed in Sonoita were trying to put out a brush fire on the U.S. side that quickly spread into Mexico, so being the good people they are the did not worry about boundary lines and did the right thing and as soon as the fire was out the returned back to the USA.

Then the whiners in the Mexican government instead of being thankful for the help, decide to make a political issue out of it. Sure would be great if they got this upset with all of the illegals streaming from their country into ours, but then I guess that would make them racist against their own people.


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