Every March

With all of the problems that we face daily, the war in Iraq, talk of defunding the troops. Children missing, school shootings, oil prices climbing, we have an event on going that brings this nation together. Every year in the month of March, America comes together for an event, that event is the NCAA March Madness!

Office pools are formed, friends take Thursday and Friday off from work to get to the sport bars for 11:00 am opening tipoffs. Groups of blurry eyed fans after 12 hour marathons discussing the winners and losers from that day. People who have no idea the difference between a Duke Blue Demon and a Gonzaga Bulldog. They walk around with a single piece of paper in hand and a color maker in the other asking scores, comparing charts, interacting in a fun a relaxing way.

People forget for a few hours each day the world’s troubles. They unknowingly get along in a way that does not see a color line, does not divide the male and the female.

Every March for a few days America is caught up in the fun and spirit of the innocence of a school yard game.


Posted on March 18, 2007, in Rondtable. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. I agree.

    About 15 years ago (or so) I wanted to bet on the underdogs and so put my bets on UNLV. In fact that was the team on the bottom for a few years back then. I lost of couse but it was fun. So I was fine with UNLV winning today. Every season has its time to shine.

    BTW…nice post

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