My Top 15 of 2006

15. Cindy Sheehan – Her lip lock with Hugo Chavez was so special
14. Al Gore – Chicken Little reborn
13. The Democratic Underground – The forum is great for laughs
12. The Dixie Chicks – They had more shows canceled then the FOX Network
11. Charles Rangel – He could get a job as Goofy in WDW with his ideas
10. Howard Dean – This is a honorary award
9. The New York Times – The Mad Magazine of journalism …….
8. John Kerry – For his disrespect of the troops
7. Bill Maher – Running out of networks for his silly shows
6. Nancy Pelosi – The 1st queen of America showed early what a mess she will make of congress
5. Kos Daily – Not sure if this is a serious site or joke
4. Rosie O’Donnell – Her hateful attitude is disgusting
3. John Murtha – Another BASH THE TROOPS L-P
2. Keith Olbermann – The most unwatchable show on cable
1. David Gregory – At least he does not hide his agenda driven always ready for a camera shot.


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