Once Again No Leadership

Well its official: The World knows Obama wears a dress instead of a pair of pants.

Russia pulls its Ambassador from the U.S., builds 150,000 troops on the Ukrainian border and is about to cross that imaginary red line Obama has stated again.

Syria has not given up its Chemical weapons.

Iran is still pursuing Nuclear Weapons.

Russia is trying to establish bases in Cuba and South America and our president shows no leadership. The world had lost respect for America as a world power and President Obama is to be held accountable for that failure.

Time To Grow Up

Ever since Scott Walker became Governor the progressives and unions in this state have been trying their best to destroy him. After a recall election where he won by a bigger margin than the general election, one would have thought they would have gotten the message

But not these people, they then started a three year witch hunt or as they called it a John Doe investigation trying to find dirt on the Governor.

“The John Doe is closed and the results of the John Doe speak for themselves in terms of who has allegedly committed a crime, who has been charged with a crime and who has been convicted of a crime,” former Appeals Court Judge Neal Nettesheim told Wisconsin Reporter on Wednesday.

Not on that conviction list, much to the dismay of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin and like-minded liberals, was Gov. Scott Walker.

Maybe the left will now grow up and stop acting like children in this state but I somehow doubt it.



My favorite far left blog was at it again. They got into a discussion about the recent report that two farmers were being charged poisoning some wild animals on their property including coyotes and wolves.

However the discussion they had was not centered on the deaths but the fact that these two had, now I hope you are seated for this, these two guys donated to Republican candidates! Now that is shocking news!

It’s always entertaining to watch progressives to go into hate mode, this one for them is even a bit of a stretch but they somehow were able to take a story about animals being poisoned and found a way to make a hard left turn into weirdo land. Best comment on the thread about the poisoning was,

“Anyone who didn’t sign a recall petition for Scott Walker deserves the smear.”

It is just heard to imagine what is going inside of the head of progressives that they come up with this kind of disconnected thoughts!


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